Mondays 5:45 P.M.

This awesome class will provide you with a full body toning workout using various equipment such as Body Bars, bands, Kettlebells and medicine balls. This workout will keep your body guessing and progressing!

Taught by Laura Minor

Balls to The Wall

Thursdays 6 P.M.

Join us for high intensity circuit training to gain a full body workout while maximizing strength and endurance!! Open to all levels. Just bring your A game!

Look Good Naked

Saturdays 9 A.M.

“Look Good Naked” is a full body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) class that incorporates a variety of exercise equipment (TRX, Kettlebells, BOSU Ball). It is a fat blasting, muscle building class that is for anyone at any level of experience. It is composed of cardiovascular intervals keeping your heart rate up to burn calories, as well as strength and resistance training circuits for building a leaner and more muscular toned physique.

Taught by Matthew Haughey