Frequently Asked Questions

How do I begin?

Call 317-697-1939  or e-mail Laura to set up a consultation. Laura will be able to see what services So.Be.Fit. provides for the best fit for your goals and schedule!

Download Questionnaire and Complete Waiver

Does So.Be.Fit. have memberships?

Not exactly. You can either purchase a single session/class at a time, or you may purchase a punch card of 10 sessions/classes which saves you some money overall, and the hassle of paying each time! We keep the card and track the sessions for you.

If I am new to exercise, can I take the group classes?

Sure! Laura would like for you to sign up for a Fitness Consultation with her before beginning classes/training, so that you and her can meet and get an idea of goals, personal history, etc…but it is not required; just highly recommended.

The classes are adaptable for beginners through more experienced exercisers, so just about anyone can take the classes. If you have an injury or medical condition, please make sure that we know about it prior to exercise. And, of course, get your doctors consent before beginning an exercise program.

What are the various services offered at So.Be.Fit.?

The primary services offered are personal training,semi-private training (small groups from 2-4 people by appointment only), and group fitness classes. Our trainers also can provide on-line or in-person coaching for fitness, diet, and wellness as well. We also do fitness assessments, and body composition by appointment.